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    We had two excellent dinners in June this year; on Friday evening there was beautiful live piano music. The food was well cooked and presented, the staff competent and very friendly. Good value for money and a complement to our enjoyable stay in Wells.
    By Admin, December 28, 2020
  • Great company to buy water heater online. First class service. Thank You Qbic heating team for your great service. I highly recommend this company.Great product too. They were also very helpful when I contacted them about my query. Excellent customer support.
    By stevesmith, December 28, 2020
  • Absolutely devestated since I had my hair cut by the owner K. yesterday.I specifically said I didnt want feathering because it looks awful on me, and she feathered my hair. I asked her to trim my fringe, but she didnt. She did cut away at the edges of my fringe making it look ridiculous. My hair looks awful and I want to cry every time I look in the mirror. Im stuck with this now and cant do anything about it. I asked for layers but it looks more like she cut around a bowl. I should have known it was a dodgy place when I walked in. It looks awful and K.s hair is laughable. Never let someone cut your hair that looks like a fool herself. I wouldnt go back in a million years. I went back and complained but K. wasnt there. I told her staff. K. didnt have the professionalism to phone me and apologise or offer my money back. Never go here EVER.
    By Admin, December 28, 2020
  • He is a very good photographer. I love my pictures! Thank you very much!
    By Admin, December 28, 2020